1. Your best friend just scored at snazzy diamond bracelet for Valentine's Day. You:
  2. Your guy accidentally leaves open a file with all of his internet passwords. While he is sleeping, you:
  3. You've been talking about a very sexy pair of black boots for months, and your friend suddenly buys them for herself. How do you react?
  4. You stop by your guy's work to bring him some lunch, and you meet his new coworker - who is absolutely gorgeous and very giggly. You:
  5. You've been slaving away to pay off your credit cards, and your guy drives up in a brand new Porsche. You:
  6. Your boyfriend:
  7. Your crush is having a party - and he asks you to come with a few friends. You:
  8. Your guy has a total crush on Jennifer Lopez, and he insists on going to every Jlo movie the day it comes out. You: